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Whether for example practice, law firm or insurance: Many customers would like a personal consultation without the long way to the service provider or an appointment at home. Why don't you offer ONLINE video consulting? With SVOBe you can easily and conveniently increase the reach of your consultation.

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  • Advantages compared to conventional consulting methods

    With our video ONLINE consulting you can adapt your consulting services to the changing needs of the mobile society! In this way you can reach completely new groups of clients. Save yourself and your clients the arrival and departure times!

    Here are some advantages of
    online consulting:

    1. economic
    2. environmentally friendly
    3. temporal flexibility
    4. local flexibility
    5. no waiting time
    6. no notable expense
    7. no journey time
    8. familiar environment

    Videoberatung Software online Mobile

    SVOBe Software for Video Consulting

    Why not use Skype, WhatsApp or Co.?

    Of course you could offer your online consultation with Skype or WhatsApp video telephony. It is not allowed to use Skype, WhatsApp or Co for business purposes. For example, you need to buy Skype 4 Business (Online Plan 2) to use it for business. Skype for Business Online Plan 2 is only available for 500 or more users. Microsoft Skype stores the data for 90 days on a server in the USA. The recording of video interview contradicts the EU data protection regulation DSGVO.

    What is the difference between SVOBe and Skype or WhatsApp?

    Skype or WhatsApp are video telephony services without individualization. SVOBe was developed especially for video telephony and offers a high degree of individualization. SVOBe does not create video recordings. Customer data are only used for specific purposes and are operated in the 1&1 computer centre in Germany, which complies with the EU data protection regulation DSGVO. SVOBe is configured on your company side according to your specifications. Here you can pre-order function, logo and colour adaptations according to your ideas. We set up SVOBe for you within 2 working days and give you a free introduction.

    How does SVOBe work?

    You or your clients don't have to install anything. We set up the online calendar on your website and everything else works automatically. Clients make an appointment online on your website and receive an appointment confirmation. 1 hour before your online consultation, you and your client will automatically receive another e-mail with a link to your video consultation. You can also send an invitation yourself at short notice if you have a spontaneous appointment. Your customer clicks on the link and off you go. Quick, easy and above all convenient with SVOBe. You can also use SVOBe without a website if you like.

ONLINE video consulting on your website with SVOBe

  • Online calendar for SVOBe video telephony

    SVOBe contains an online appointment calendar for video telephony. SVOBe can be used worldwide with the browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera: without prior installation. Give prospective customers the freedom to reserve appointments online on your website and thus increase your consulting services. You can assign regular and special times as well as rest days and flexible appointment blocks. Create more time for your customers through simple and efficient online appointment management.

  • invitation form for SVOBe video telephony

    SVOBe contains an invitation form for video telephony. You can send an invitation yourself at short notice if you have a spontaneous appointment. Your customer clicks on the link in the e-mail and off you go. Quick, easy and above all convenient with SVOBe.

  • Online payment function for SVOBe video telephony

    You can use the appointment booking tool with the online payment function and video telephony. Clients pay for their services when they book an appointment and can choose between several payment methods. Benefit from Sofortüberweisung, PayPal Plus, direct debit or credit card as payment method. For this you must have a PayPal PLUS account. If you do not have a PayPal PLUS account, we will only set up your PayPal Classic for you. You will receive your fee directly to your PayPal account.

  • Consultation offers, duration and prices

    You can offer individual consulting services and adapt them to your needs. These are duration of the consultation, description and price. You can also offer free advice such as an initial consultation. Paid services can be paid online using the payment function.

  • Call input for video consultation via the website

    Interested parties can call you via the website during business hours. Your website visitors will see a video call button on your website when you activate incoming video consultation.

  • Electronic Signature: E-Signature

    In video consulting, you can use e-signature to successfully complete your transaction without media discontinuity. With the electronic signature, contracts are legally secure. You can use SVOBeSign or DocuSign account necessary for connection.

Videoberatung Software online Mobile

Videoberatung Software online Mobile

Integrate SVOBe plugin into your website

  • SVOBe Plugin can be easily integrated into any homepage building set.

    It doesn't matter if you have your website on Jimdo, WiX, Site123, Squarespace, Simplesite Wordpress or Jommla. SVOBe plugin is simply copied to the desired location on your website. We will be happy to help you if you have problems with the integration.

Jimdo Videoberatung PlugIn
  • You don't have a website yet, but you want everything turnkey from a single source

    With the Homepage Construction Kit Jimdo, WiX, Site123, Squarespace, Simplesite or Wordpress you can set up your own homepage very quickly and install SVOBe. If you don't have the time or the nerves to set up a website, we can do it for you. If you would rather have everything turnkey from a single source, then we will set up a homepage construction kit in your name according to your specifications and install SVOBe.

    You will find the price for setting up "Homepage Baukasten" at the respective package prices!

WIX Videoberatung PlugIn Wordpress Videoberatung PlugIn
  • You want to use SVOBe without a website?

    You can also use SVOBe without a website if you like. Your own homepage is not only a prestige object, but also a supra-regional sign of your consulting services. With a web page you simply and comfortably increase the range of your consultation. You get web access for SVOBe Portal. Via which you can send invitation links for video consulting or also offer e-mail consulting.

Jomla Videoberatung PlugIn Site123 Videoberatung PlugIn
Videoberatung Software online Kalender

Let's go: offer video consulting quickly and easily now!

SVOBe you like and you want to buy a package.

So it goes on after your purchase:
You automatically get a purchase confirmation with access data to your SVOBe package. You log in to your account and can immediately start with the video consultation or e-mail consultation.

How can I embed SVOBe calendars into my website?
You will find in your SVOBe account a calendar link suitable for your website. With a simple guide for websites at Jimdo, WiX, Site123, Squarespace, Simplesite Wordpress or Jommla. We will be happy to help you if you need help.

How do I integrate the payment function into my website?
For the payment function you only need to enter your
PayPal Plus Keys or PayPal e-mail in your account. The payment function is automatically displayed when a paid consultation is booked.

If you order SVOBe with homepage construction kit, then we set up everything according to your specifications within 3 working days.



Online Video Consulting Software

Features that speak for SVOBe

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Desktop Video ONLINE Consulting

With SVOBe you can advise your clients ONLINE worldwide about the browser without installation.

Videoberatung Software

Mobile Video ONLINE Consulting

Clients can also participate in consultation via mobile devices such as smartphones.

Videoberatungssoftware Liveberatung

Virtual waiting area

Clients wait in the virtual waiting room after logging in. Consultation is started manually.

ONLINE Calendar

Online reservation and payment on your website. Your prospective customers have the freedom to reserve appointments online.

ONLINE payment methods

We offer Sofortüberweisung, PayPal, direct debit and credit card as payment methods.

live videoberatung software

Instruction and implementation

After your purchase, you will receive a free introduction to SVOBe at your preferred date.

liveberatung videoberatungssoftware

fee payment

You will receive your fee directly to your PayPal PLUS account or to your PayPal Classic account if you do not have PayPal PLUS.

Text and video chat

Live chat - The chat function allows you to exchange information conveniently. The chat function is very helpful in the consultation.

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Secure data

We use SSL to protect data transmission between the website and interested parties or customers through encryption.

Live Videoberatung Software Datenschutz

DSGVO compliant

Client data is best protected with SSL certificates. E-mail registration with double opt-in procedure.

CRM client data

Client data is automatically inserted into the ONLINE video consultation for consultants. Consultants can write minutes of the meeting

Videoberatung software mobil

session stopwatch

Consultants start manually the video consultation. Session clock starts automatically and is only visible for consultants.

live videoberatung software online beratung

Consultation types, duration and prices

Creation of individual consulting offers. You can also offer free advice.

Videoberatung Software Live Beratung

No installation

SVOBe runs on Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera browsers. An installation is not necessary.

live videoberatung software datenschutz

email notification

New consultation dates will be communicated by e-mail. Appointments will be confirmed by consultants.

Videoberatung live videoberatung software online beratung

Screen Sharing

You can transfer your screen and discuss the content with your clients.

live videoberatung software liveberatung

Date reminder

Automatic reminder reduces missed appointments and thus supports your clients and you in daily operations.

live videoberatung software liveberatung onlineberatung

send invitation

You can send invitations at any time if you have made an appointment.

live videoberatung software farben

Colors - Adjustment

SVOBe Corporate Identity, we adapt your logo and colours of the video consultancy to the specifications of your company.

live videoberatung software signatur


Conclusion of contract with electronic signature in video ONLINE consultation. SVOBeSign or DocuSign account required for connection.

Videoberatung Software Live Beratung saas

Software for video consulting with SaaS

SVOBe is a Modular Software Software-as-a-Service and is constantly being further developed.

Online video consulting software

Video ONLINE consultation now also for doctors with SVOBe

Videoberatung Software Videoberatungs Software

Video consulting for all industries: Software for video consulting SVOBe

German Medical Association overturns ban on remote treatment

It is now common for coaches, psychologists, business professionals and other experts to offer video advice online. Since the German Medical Association lifted the ban on remote treatment in May 2018, more and more doctors have started ONLINE video consulting. In the USA, ONLINE video consulting is already an integral part of the marketing strategy of many service providers. More and more self-employed people and experts are using them to offer their services or to acquire new customers. No matter whether you convey your knowledge, treat patients or present your product or service: In any case, you benefit from ONLINE video consulting.

Online video consulting software

The solution for banks, insurance companies and financial service providers
with video consulting software SVOBe

Video Online Interview Bewerberauswahl

Banks recognize the benefits of video consulting and revise their consulting offerings

Video ONLINE Consulting for banks, insurance companies and financial service providers

Not everyone has the time for an on-site consultation and would like to accept an appointment for a video ONLINE consultation if the banks, insurance companies or financial service providers offer it. The running costs of the personal off-line consultation in the branches is far higher from than on-line consultation. Video consulting thus not only increases customer orientation and image, but also offers also cost savings for banks, insurance companies and financial service providers.



Software Video Online Interview Bewerberauswahl

Video online interview for applicant selection
with video consulting software SVOBe

Cover letters, curriculum vitae and certificates are top, but what about facial expressions and communication? Surely everyone has invited an applicant who you knew from the first personal glance that the hiring process is not going to work out. It is annoying for you and also for the applicant if so much time and effort could have been saved. Exactly here the video ONLINE interview offers for employers and applicants the chance to make a preliminary decision within minutes. Both sides can decide after the first impression whether a Face2Face interview makes sense.

The video ONLINE interview follows the written application if the application folder speaks for the candidate. Video interviews replace more and more the position of the telephone interview.



  • E-mail online consultation with SVOBe

    E-mail online consulting combined with video consulting

    With SVOBe's e-mail online consulting software, professional consultants have many important features that make consulting easier. They can now also offer anonymous advice. SVOBe's e-mail online advice is secure and complies with the EU data protection regulation DSGVO. SVOBe online consulting is suitable for associations, organisations, municipalities, universities and individual consultants. You can also combine SVOBe e-mail online counselling with SVOBe video counselling and combine all counselling channels in one system. This gives you an optimised system for your advice from a single source.

  • Video and e-mail online consulting software - Software

    Combination offers!
    Video and e-mail consulting software

    Online Video Consulting - Software

    Our video ONLINE packages for you

    E-Mail Online-Beratung - Software

    Our e-mail ONLINE packages for you

    SVOBe E-Commerce / Onlineshop Video consulting solution

    For e-commerce solution please click on the banner!

    Interactive Live Consulting
    Online video consulting software

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is included in the product briefing and what do I get explained?

    You choose a desired date and we explain to you the individual functions of the calendar and instruct you in video telephony. If you wish, we can also integrate the calendar into your website. The implementation is very simple in existing website. Consulting time approx. 30 min.

    Can I use the Classic package for my online psychological counselling?

    The Classic package is perfectly adequate for online psychological counseling.

    What are the technical requirements for SVOBe?

    SVOBe can be used worldwide via the browsers Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera without prior installation.

    As an investment advisor, I would like to discuss investments and contracts. Can I take the Classic package for investment advice?

    With the Classic package you have no screen sharing. If you only need 1 license user, then the Premium Package is sufficient for your investment advice.

    Is there a contract period with SVOBe?

    We have a contract duration of 12 months. You can cancel your account at any time after 12 months by sending an e-mail to info@svobe.de .

    Is it possible to offer free and paid video consultation?

    Yes, you can define your offers freely and of course you can also offer free video ONLINE consultation.

    How does the electronic signature work?

    You send your customers a signature request by e-mail. Your customer simply opens the link in the mail with a signature field. He then signs on the smartphone, e.g. with his finger, and sends it back to you. This electronic signature is contract-proof.

    I still have a few questions about your great offer: Can I test the software or is there a video demo that I can watch?

    Of course you can test the software. We offer a free video consultation in which you can experience the functions of SVOBe live. To do this, please arrange a free video consultation in ONLINE Calendar. In the ONLINE calendar you can see the SVOBe packages with prices and our free video consulting offer.

    We would like to use Video Online Interview for applicant selection. Which package do you recommend?

    If you only want to conduct video online interviews with your applicants, then you can start with the Classic package. If you have your own applicant database, we recommend our Professional Package.

    How secure is my data at SVOBe.de?

    Your data is stored in one of the largest and most secure data centers in Germany. This data center has the highest security certification available in Germany.

    Can we adapt SVOBe video consulting to the colors of our website?

    Video consulting can be individually adapted to your website. We are happy to support you if you need help.

    Is it possible to disable the session stopwatch.

    You can turn the session stopwatch on and off at any time. The video online session timer has no effect on the connection. This only serves as orientation for the consultant.

    Can I use video consulting without an appointment tool or a website?

    You can use video consulting with or without an appointment booking tool. You can also use video consulting without a website.

    What is Modular Software SaaS?

    SVOBe is a cloud-based software and can be accessed worldwide via the Internet at any time. The functions of SVOBe can be extended or limited to individual modules. With our modular concept, we can react quickly to customer requests. SVOBe is constantly being further developed and runs in one of the most secure data centers in Germany.

    Video consulting or online consulting

    Video consulting or online consulting?

    Video and online consulting software

    Software for video consulting

    Software for video consulting

    The term video consulting was not listed in Wikipedia but the term online consulting. Not only the name but also the spelling of video consulting or online consulting is very different. In Wikipedia online consulting is referred to as Internet consulting, online consulting, computer-aided consulting, Internet media and interactive takes place mediated.

    No hit in Duden!

    In the Duden there is no hit for video consulting and also no hit for online consulting. Maybe this is also a reason why there are many spellings for video consulting. In the Internet we could find the following spellings: Video consultation, video consultation, video consultation, on-line consultation, on-line consultation, on-line consultation, on-line consultation, video and on-line consultation, video on-line consultation and on-line video consultation.

    Video and online consulting software

    Software for online consulting

    Software oder Cloudware?

    Die Software wird lokal auf einem PC oder Laptop installiert und läuft nur auf diesem. Cloudware ist ebenfalls Software, läuft aber nicht lokal auf Ihrem PC oder Laptop. SVOBe.de ist ebenfalls eine Cloudware und läuft im Browser. Firefox, IE, Chrome oder Safari. SVOBe läuft weltweit über das Internet. Eine Installation ist nicht erforderlich. SVOBe steht für sichere Video-Online-Beratung.

    Who uses online consulting today?

    SVOBe video consulting is easy to use and is used by doctors, lawyers, therapists, sales representatives, consultants and entrepreneurs for product consulting. Video consultation and/or on-line consultation began already and who would like to exist in the Internet should video consultation offer. In order not to lose customers.

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